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The over arching value of Al-Shahrani stems from our ability to succeed in an increasingly competitive market. AL-SHAHRANI TODAY ALSO OPERATES FROM JUBAIL, SAUDI ARABIA & BAHRAIN. Our success over the years has been built on a foundation of values – discipline, integrity and safety.

Having strong values provides a framework within which our people can operate and make sensible decisions. While we can set policies and guidelines, ultimately our staff needs a set of values to guide their thinking and help them make the right decisions to create the right outcome.

This consistent unfailing, on-time delivery of works, along with our commitment to uphold the highest Health, Safety and Environment standards, is why clients in the oil and gas industry find us to be a reliable partner.



Khalid S. Al-Shahrani is a diversified construction, trading and services company based in Ras Tanurah, the energy rich Eastern province of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, had its beginnings in 1994.

Al-Shahrani today also operates from Jubail, Saudi Arabia & Bahrain .
Al-Shahrani has also capitalized on opportunities and has the following divisions.

Our Divisions

Construction, Trading, Security Solutions (Saudi Arabia)
Trading and Industrial Supply Division (Saudi Arabia / Bahrain)
Property Management Company (Bahrain)

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